Tile levellers are used as assistance for tilers in their job to get tiling to be perfect and adjust the height of the tiles to be ideal.

Using this method tiler’s job will also quicker.


Clips, wedges and pliers guarantee simple, quick and precise installation.

The grout width may be 1 mm, 1.5 mm and 3 mm and the thickness of tiles may be from 3mm to 12 mm.

Tile levellers can be also used in combination with standard spacers.


After having spread the adhesive, insert the clips. How many clips will be used depends on tile’s dimensions.


You can check the consumption of clips further in text in Consumption scale.


After that, use wedges with pliers to align the tiles until perfect.

The last step is removing the clips.

Instruction on how to use clips:

  1. Spread the adhesive and insert the clips under the tiles
  1. Insert the clips on each side depending on the size of the tile
  1. Lay down the tiles and align them

Instructions on how to use wedges:

  1. Insert the wedge into the clips
  1. Use the plier to adjust the height

Instruction on how to remove clips:

After adhesive sets, remove the upper part of clips. You may use your foot gently or a rubber mallet following the grout lines.

Note: Wedges can be used more than once.

Bird spike prevents birds from landing on the surface of the placement, while keeping the birds unharmed.

Most commonly used on window ledges, walls, air conditioning, gutters, but also on any other problematic surface.

Plastic anchors are used for additional fixing of the sealed thermal insulation panels.

They are characterized by a simple and significantly quicker assembly.

Tipl montaža 1

It is necessary to drill a hole with a drill 10mm, where the anchor needs to be placed in (picture 1) after that push the anchor in with a hammer until it’s fully inserted (picture 2).

Tipl montaža 2

The panels are supported by perforated anchor head, while circular spiral prevents falling out of the anchor.

Average consumption varies from between 4-6 pieces/m2 on flat and unexposed surfaces and up to 10­-12 pieces/m2 on angles which are exposed to wind.

ABS-Trade offers anchors in the following dimensions: 100mm, 120mm and 150mm.